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The Wyndham Charitable Trust is a small UK-based grant-making charity (registered number 259313), which is regulated by The Charity Commission. It was established in 1969 with a settlement of £1 (yes, one GBP). The expense ratio of the Trust, genuinely, is NIL. Not one of the other 198,000 or so charities can improve on that!

One of the chief interests of the Trust is helping to bring about the elimination of modern-day slavery. Currently, about 27 million children, women, and men are enslaved. They are held by force or threat of force and are unable to escape.

This can range from girls and women being trafficked for forced prostitution to bonded labour where, from one generation to another, children are enslaved as a result of their parents' 'debts'. The leading agency in this field is the old-established charity Anti-Slavery International.

The Trust does not make 'restricted' grants - which specify how the recipient charity may use the funds.

Where it provides funds, the Trust believes the charity's trustees should be free to decide how to put such funds to best use.
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For the year ended 20 June 2022: Income £97,404 (excluding endowment). Grants made: £102,550.  Expenses: NIL
For the year ended 20 June 2021: Income £90,319. Grants made: £83,780. Expenses: NIL 
For the year ended 20 June 2020: Income £90,287. Grants made:£83,855.  Expenses: NIL
For the year ended 20 June 2018: Income £82,317. Grants made: £78,410. Expenses: NIL 
For the year ended 20 June 2017: Income £73,357. Grants made: £72,331. Expenses: NIL 
For the year ended 20 June 2016: Income £67,116. Grants made: £67,267. Expenses: NIL 

A way of helping is to arrange to make on-line purchases through the easyfundraising portal. Click on Easyfundraising and you will be taken straight through. When signing on, select The Wyndham Charitable Trust, and you will then be able to choose from many retailers and service providers. You pay the normal price, and the Trust receives a commission at the rate shown.

You can help raise funds simply by using the Everyclick search engine. You can sign up so that every search you make will benefit the Trust.
Or you can simply use the Easysearch engine, and help the Trust with every search..

The Trust's constitution does not permit it to provide funding for individuals.

The Trust is keen to detect fraud - any suspicions will be reported to the police, Charity Commission, and other relevant authorities.

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Donations are always very welcome: 34A, Westfield Road, Lymington, Hants, SO41 3QA, United Kingdom.

Online at Charities Trust, or through the Charities Aid Foundation 
Charity code JAA31BG for individual tax repayments to be donated to the charity by HMRC.  You can find out more about the workings of Gift Aid

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